Look what I started!!

The Birth of a hexagon quilt...it will all be hand sewen...I thinking I'll even hand quilt it....if I ever get that far...It took a few hours in front of the telly to produce this rather meager sample...I was going the do a pattern like the star in a previous post...but I like that fact that a scrappy quilt looks just that....scrappy!! I might change my mind thought as it developes. I have gone through most of my scrap bag finding the right sized bits to make these hexagons ( hexagons are 3 cms long on each side)...I couldn't believe how tiny some of the scraps were...still couldn't bring myself to throw them out thought!! I love the fact that each piece of material reminds me of one of my quilts...and therefore the lovely person that I made it for...it makes me want to make even more quilts!!!


Helen said…
AJ! I can't believe you have started another WIP!!!! What did your DH say?? How many have you got on the go now? :)
AJ said…
Only five Helen...don't think he realises yet that this will make a quilt in many years to come!!

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