100+ reading challenge....# 1

Sat up til after midnight last night finishing this book

It was actually the 2nd time I have started it. I can't remember what stopped me from finishing it the first time about a month ago. I'm really glad I finished it though. It got more and more engaging as it went. This book finished...I hate books that leave you hanging. This one doesn't. You got all the answers you were wondering about for each character. Donna is quite graphic in her descriptions of the concentration camps in Hong Kong that held Canadian soilders during WWII. Although not a true story the characters are fictional the situations and circumstances are. It also has a lovely message of acceptance of differences as one of the children is a young boy with Down Syndrome.

A great read. I also enjoyed Donna's first novel After River which I read in November.


Kylie said…
Yay! I didn't know you were doing the 100+ reading challenge. Woohoo!! Have fun!
Bec Clarke said…
How do I find more info about the reading challenge, I have already read 3 books this year

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