Queensland Floods

Just heartbreaking...so close to home. I'm finding it difficult to write about the floods literally just kilometres down the road. Currently there are 14 people who have lost their lives and up to 60 still missing.

Back in October I did a post on Wivenhoe Dam with the flood gates open to let out the water. I also said that is was a 1-in-10-year event. 2 years ago the dam was at around 17% and we were having a water crisis. Authorities said it would take 10 years of above-average rain fall to take it to 80%. Currently the dam is at 187%. The dam holds twice as much water as Sydney Harbour.

First it was Rockhampton

and Emerald. photo source

The water and rain is making it's way down though Queensland and into northern NSW.

We were flooded-in to our small town but our house is on a hill and we were safe and dry. My heart just breaks for those we were not so lucky.
This is Grantham just 50kms from us. One of the worst hit small towns. No warning...just a torrent of water...

We have been hearing the helicopter fly over head as they search for more victims.
There are lots of places to give some much needed money if you can.
Premier's Appeal
There are also lots of blog actions and Facebook auctions too.

I feel so terribly guilty that so many people are suffering. That there is so much destruction and damage. So many people homeless and without everything.

And the water is still rising in Brisbane...


Car said…
Devastating :(

Words cannot describe, but the photos... So very sad.
so sorry for all this ..
how are things now?

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