{Pinterest} Totally Pinspired

You know about Pinterest right??? You don't? Well let me tell you, you are missing out on some seriously cool stuff!
So I have this group of online friends - imaginary friends, as my husband likes to call them - and we seem to like the same sort of stuff. Really that's what friends are right - people who like the same stuff that you do.
Anyway Miss Dove has decided that pinning said cool stuff is not enough and we need to actually start doing some of the cool stuff.
So she has challenged us to make 2 things each month, big or small, from our Pinterest boards.

Because September is already half over just 1 project this month will be fine.

You can join us here and leave a comment on her blog so we can see what you do!

I'll be back tomorrow with Aden's Dinosaur 4th Birthday Party and some of the cool stuff I did...found via Pinterest of course!


Nell said…
That is SUCH a good idea! I am notorious for pinning things and then never actually doing them! I have to say I am kind of missing your WIP challenge this year. Last year I finished so much because I knew I had the 12 projects in 12 months to spur me on. This year the quilt productivity is at an all time low!

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