{Pinterest} Dinosaur Party

6 weeks ago (!) Aden had his 4th birthday party. The day after his 3rd birthday party he asked for a dinosaur party....and did not waver at all. So a Dinosaur party it was!

I started a Pinterest board all about Dinosaur Parties. People make some cool stuff for their kids and so I wanted to as well!

There were also heaps of things I pinned that I wanted to do....but alas time (and procrastination) got the better of me.

Here is what we did manage though.

Instructions found here . Aunty Nicole was a star and made the whole watermelon dinosaur head on her own. Aden loved it and spent all day picking fruit from it.

We coloured Dinosaur masks from here

A bit of hat elastic and a hole punch and we were all set for a Roarrrrr-ing good time.
The colouring pencils, pens and scissors were easily organised in this...

 A covered shoe box filled with toilet rolls. Simple. Found here
This now sits on the kitchen table and is great to brag out pencils and pop them back. Easy to pick up and move to other parts of the house too. I'm saving up for toilet rolls to make some for work.

Aden requested a T-rex cake. I pinned heaps of dinosaur cakes...heaps! But none of them matched my cake making ability so we took the easiest one and make it our own way.

Nana did a fantastic job of drawing the dinosaur and cutting out all the pieces. I shaped the cake from 3 square cakes I had made. like a jigsaw puzzle! Aunty Nicole iced it all in green. Then Nana outlined it with an icing pen. Very much a joint effort and I'm very grateful for their help!

The plan was to make some of those cute little molten lava cakes to go around it but I couldn't find the right mould. All the left over pieces from cutting out the shape made a great volcano off to the side any way. Add some sparklers to the top and you have a very impressed 4-year-old.

We added a few white tic-tacs for the teeth and a bit of red lolly snake for some blood dripping from his mouth.

We forgot to get a picture of just the cake before it got brought out. Opps!

Party Games included;
'Feed the T-rex a bone'  Just a dinosaur poster we had a home and some paper bones.

and foam dinosaur flyers. These were easy to find on Ebay or Amazon.

Party Bags included homemade Dinosaur chocolates, dinosaur lollies, dinosaur tattoos, dinosaur figurines (that we put inside empty eggs to 'hatch' out), dinosaur erasers, dinosaur notebooks, crayons, lolly pop, bouncy ball and a balloon.

So thank you Pinterest and blog land people. You have made my boy very happy. Proclaimed as the best birthday ever!
And of course the very next day he decided to have a 'Race Car' Party for his 5th birthday. I've started a Pinterest board if you're interested......we will see what next year brings!

Do you pin? Join in Miss Dove's challenge to make 2 things from Pinterest each month! We'd love to have you.


LittleWhiteDove said…
Looks like a fab party!
Car said…
BEST PARTY EVER! well done you & pinterest!

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