Poor Jester!!

My poor Jester Dog....he is going to the vets today...as A so nicely puts it "to get his nuts chopped off!" My poor baby....and he had to endure a bath this morning in the rain cause he was all wet and mudy and now he is confined to the veranda so he doesn't get dirty again....


Helen said…
Hey AJ, good to see a face in your profile! Now i know what you look like! LOL Thanks for your help trying to find that fabric too. What a goose I am, that will teach me to just cut radomly without measuring first.... How is Jester coping after the big snip snip?
AJ said…
That photo is an old one.. January 2004...when I was at my fattest!!

My other s mostly have hubby in them and he'd prefer not to be on the net.

Jester is good and impossible to keep still and quite like the vet aksed!!

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