Wet Wet Wet

We had our second wet day in a row today....and it looks likte a few more to come...Hope I can keep the kids busy and out of each others way.

On to more exciting things...I think I found my new quilt project...I'm going to try and make a 'stack and slash' quilt for my sister....I have been hording 'music' material for a while and I think I found the right project for it...I don't like the borders on this one (I've cut most of them out in the photo) but it gives you enough material to make more blocks than you need for the quilt shown...I don't want it too big ..more like a lap quilt...I also think I'm going to stick to more black/grey/white colours than the ones shown here...I like the fact it will 'show off' the fabric a bit.....hhmmmmm time to convince Hubby that I don't have that many projects on the go and I can start one more!!

Just for interests sake and to show DH it is not just me....Helen how many quilt projects to do have on the go???


Helen said…
AJ! I have done one stack and whack quilt. In my 2006 overview, it was the big green/red/yellow one. Lots of fun! How big are you thinking of making your blocks? projects on the go here,patchwork or other sewing stuff? LOL Quilt wise, just two but I am going to draw up a pattern tonight for my next friend's bubby due in March. But to convince your DH AJ, lets say 3 quilting and 4 sewing (library bag, dress and top for DD's and a cushion!) :) Get sewing girl!!

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