A has had Snoopy sisnce he was a wee little thing...Snoopy was looking a bit worse for wear from all the loving hugs and crashing tumbles he has had over the years...SO I decided to have a go at restoring Snoopy hopefully for our children to play with one day ...If A every gives it up!!

It has taken a number of attempts, many hours (!!) and 3 new pairs of pants before I got it right Not exaclty the same as the original according to A but good enough...I need to find some different buttons though. These ones stick out too far and to be like the originals they need something printed in the/on the surface of the keep your eye out everyone...It may take awhile to find some so I will leave these on for now


After (Taken at night - I'd get some more tomorrow)


Helen said…
Oh AJ! Snoopy looks much happier in his new outfit! Well done in giving him a makeover! :)

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