PJ Sewing

I sewed today..YEAH!!! It has been sooooo long since I did any....A and I swapped cupboards today which makes getting to my sewing stuff a lot easier...and I can put my machines away when I'm not using them...instead of on the floor!!!

Nothing very exciting but I got them finished...well mostly just need to put some elastic in the white shorts...I ran out after doing Carrisa's PJ bottoms...I will go and buy her a white singlet to go with them

Carrisa's PJ bottoms

Close up of leg hem

Close up of bow detail (so she can tell the front from the back)

PJ bottoms for me (without elastic so they look huge!!)

I also made Carrisa one of her scarfs out of this material

Close up

I made Carrisa 5 other scarfs as well but because they are her Christmas presents I will keep them a secret a little longer...I will see her the week after next. Then I can post a picture...again nothing exciting....she uses them as belts or head scarfs or anything really!!


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