Something old and something new {Kick the bucket 2014}

I've been pulling out old crafty things for the Kick the Bucket 2014 Challenge and well.....ummmmm.... I may have started a new one or two as well. Opps!

First with the old.....very old. So old in fact that my so called friends laughed when I said that this was going to be for Aden's nursery. He is 4.5 years old.
Looking back I *may* have been slightly over ambitious when I said it would be finished when he was born. I was 27 weeks pregnant when I picked the pattern. And 28 weeks when the pattern arrived in the mail.  At 29 weeks, just a week into the project I'd made some good progress.

5th May 2009
At 32 weeks it looked like this

29th May 2009
And at 39 weeks just a week out from his due date it looked like this...

14th July 2009
And then I had a newborn and we all know what happens to time after that. It gets really really fast and nothing much gets done while you feed and feed and change nappies and cuddle and feed some more. 

But progress was still happening! 

In October 2009 when Aden was not quite 3 months old it looked like this

And in January 2010 it looked like this...where I again rather ambitiously stated that it would be finished for his 1st birthday. 

In June 2012 it looked like this....with a little bald head hiding under the table....

In February 2013 it looked like this....

And now in March 2014 it looks like this... so I have been working in it! 

That last porthole of the right is what I have been working on this week....

My enthusiasm for it comes and goes...and right now I'm really keen....not keen enough it seems as I have also started a new project! I saw a sweet little cross stitched London scene and thought it would be a lovely addition to my craft room wall.  You can see it here at Pretty Little London by Satsuma Street. When I looked further there are a number of famous cities just begging to be stitched. 

I've started with London and bought the Paris pattern too.

Now I just need to plan holidays to Sydney, New York and Rome to justify buying the other patterns! 

How are you going with your 'Kick the bucket 2014' challenge?? Want to join us? Just link up here


Car said…
You are doing well, keep going, keep going!!! i need to get back to bugs. Or the seaside one. or the other 40 I have in the cupboard!!!

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