100+ Reading Challenge

I'm getting there slowly....very slowly!

The lovely Car (it is her birthday this week, pop by and say hello!) sent me this book that I won from her blog. Thanks Car!

I enjoyed the story line. I love that it wraps up all the ends nicely and you finish reading knowing that all the characters are taken care of!
The 'quilt' part of the book it lovely too. I'm going to be on the look out for another one to read...any recommendations as to which one?


Emma said…
I have the whole series, and would recommend you start at the beginning with the Quilter's Apprentice. The first 3 books are available together 9I think as "Elm Creek Album".
Bec Clarke said…
I have read most of the books and they are all fantastic.
I agree with Emma, start at the beginning if you can.

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