PJ Party!!

I started sewing these a month ago...here was my first pair to make sure the pattern was what I want...and it was...so over the last few days I have made 6 pairs!! I was ment to start them earlier in the week to have them ready for Bee's birthday but they will be in the mail tomorrow!!

I even got out the overlocker and with DH's help maganged to change the thread colour and re-thread it and off I went! It was a production line of cutting, sewing, heming and then attaching ribbons!

They are very comfy and I wore mine for a few hours after I had the photos taken...I didn't want to take them off!! I can see me living in these after the baby is born...if I don't have to go out anywhere that is!!

29 weeks + 5 days


Bee said…
HOW CUTE!!! - Yay I can't wait to get them!!! YAY - hope you're taking care of yourself and Russelina!!! Love you lots and lots!!! B xoxo
Emma said…
Great work! I love the red hearts and the ribbon detail.
Cee said…
I can't believe how big your belly is!!! can't wait to see it for real!!! 4 weeks tomorrow until we'll be up. Can't wait!!
Cascade Lily said…
Looking good AJ! And the PJ pants too :)

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