30 Weeks

Yeah! 3/4 of the way there!! 10 weeks to go!

Most excitingly I got my cot this week! Nic and Beau brought it with them while they visit for a few days. Their arrival will have us in a flurry of visitor right up until the birth! Giving us small 'waits', hopefully making 'the long wait' bearable!

Beau built the cot for us and he has done an excellent job! Since these pics he has added a top rail to give it a really finished look. It is currenlty still in pieces getting the final cot of varnish before it will be reassembled on the weekend. I LOVE it!! Beau has managed to make the base adjustable to two level and added a drop down side!

Teaching DH how to assemble it!
Starting the varnish.

While Beau was here and with some tools he also fixed the old change table we got given. The draw didn't slide properly but now it does! DH sanded it down ready to varnish too hopefully a similar colour. They should both be back in the Nursery by the weekend!

Belly Pics! I got told at work yesterday how HUGE I was!

22 Week comparison...

The OB said everything is on track. Russell is sitting very high up into my rib cage and causing some mild pain of an afternoon/evening nothing too bad. Lying down and stretching out or standing up and stretching relives it a little.

Weight: 75kg!!!


Helen said…
You don't look huge at all! Perfect sized 30 week belly!! The cot looks beautiful. Better get cracking on a quilt for it hey?
Kath said…
You've certainly popped out since the 22 week shot, you are looking fantastic!! Countdown is on now! :)
Emma said…
Looking fantastic! Love your top, too.
WOW! You look fantastic.....
You are definitely all out in front. Now what does that mean?
Boy I think....
I had my boy at this stage. Very small but very healthy.

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