29 Weeks

Noodle enjoying the rocking chair!

I think my husband has more pregnancy symptoms than I do!! He went on a major 'nesting' binge over the long weekend spending over 5 hours pressure washing the outside of the house, paths, cement and walls, and then another 3 hours mowing, whipper-snipping,pruning, gardening and yard tidying! He has also been very forgetful!!

I've made some good progress on the Noah's Sub Cross Stitch for the wall. I'm rather embarrassed to say that this small piece is over 10 hours of stitching...that is a lot of 'sitting on your bum' time! But I really want it finished before bubby makes his/her grand entrance!

I also started work on the cot quilt. I re-designed the quilt after realising how small it needed to be to fit the cot without needing to tuck it in as it will be removed for sleeping time until bubs is bigger anyway. I then cut out some of the animals ready to hand stitch....more 'bum' time! Still 3 to do and hopefully before then I have found the perfect material for the sashings...I'm looking for a blue and yellow stripe if anyone sees one...?? Other than that I might just have to go with whatever I find that looks 'ok' at the time!

My belly is really popping out at the moment as Russell continues to gain weight! He should be over the kilo mark by now and rapidly putting on body fat! It is starting to be really real...I find myself taking a second glance when walking past glass doors or windows and get a little shock each time to see my belly sticking out! Quite strange I know but I think it is finally starting to sink in that I'm going to have a baby to care for in the not too distant future! I'm actually really looking forward to the birth and have started to read up on techniques and relaxation to try a drug free birth. DH was rather mocking today when we talked about it so I'm hoping I can turn him around and he will be able to do and say all the right things when the time comes!! I'm sure he will be but I just need to convince him that I can do it without drugs....he thinks I should take then as soon as I need them. I'd rather use them as a last resort. I'll continue to read and learn as much as I can and hopefully the ante-natal classes at the end of this month will help too.

Weight: 73kgs

PS Happy Birthday Bee!!!

Photo as requested by Shannon!! Hi Shannon!!
29 Weeks + 1 day


Anonymous said…
I want to start some more cross-stitch but the slow going doesn't thrill me either.
My waters broke on Xmas Day with my first at 29 weeks. He was born at 30 weeks. I felt like I only had 1/2 a pregnancy. Glad you are well and hubby is getting at the symptoms. LOL!
Selina said…
Belly pic??
Shannon said…
I agree, where is the belly picture?????
Cee said…
Drug free...?? Way to go Mandy! He he nice shirt in that pic!!! LOVE YA!
Emma said…
You're making great progress on the cross-stitch! I'll keep my eyes out for a blue and yellow stripe.
Bee said…
love that shirt!! is that from our 'super cool Sydney Sister??' xoxoxo

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