Furnishings for the Nursery!!

After weeks of frustrated mindless searching...I've finally found the fabric for the Nursery!! And best of all DH likes it too!! Shock horror!!

I'm making a version of this for the cot quilt. The original is too big so I will have to choose some of our favourite blocks and adjust the sashings to fit. Shouldn't be too hard and shouldn't take too long...I hope! I'll be able to use fabric from my stash for most of it and some of the green, yellow and orange fabric below too.

This is what I've designed for the bedside table...I'm still not 100% sure about it...but I like the 'snail trail' blocks making waves...possibly just around the outside though with the shell fabric running down the middle. And purple binding from the fabric below.

And I found this turtle fabric for the 2 Nappy stackers I'm going to make. I wanted one purple and the other blue...but DH doesn't like the purple..he thinks it doesn't 'go' with the sea theme and wants the yellow instead. I'm thinking he just doesn't want it too 'girly' just in case!

Can I get them all made in less than 12 weeks??? Of course!


Emma said…
Perfect, perfect, perfect! What's your plan for the bedside tabe? A cover?
AJ said…
Yep Emma!
J Claire said…
How colorful and just...perfect! Please tell me that you will consider entering a few of your pics in my gallery of nursery pictures? It really helps moms to see what others have done.

It would be great if you would enter your pictures in our nursery picture contest! The visitors to my site would love to see your beautiful work and you might win one of the prizes. To see the latest entries, just scroll down past the entry form when you get to the page.

Here are some pictures of baby stuff in the gallery that were taken from past contests.

I just love looking at handmade items. Thanks for sharing! Jan

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