31 Weeks

The baby's room is really starting to look like a nursery! I love walking in there over the last few days and just looking! Sad I know!

Beau has done a fantastic job on building the cot and fixing up the change table to look like new. DH did lots of sanding and varnishing to get it all finished and into the nursery before Nic and Beau went home...I'm not going to post any finished pics of the nursery yet cause it is not finished...hopefully it will be in time for the baby shower in 4 weeks! But here is the cot going together in the room!

The metal stand thingy is for the netting to go over the cot...it looks super sweet!

I'm also feeling rather guilty about buying the cot quilt to go in it...I know I am capable of making it myself but I really want the baby's room finished before the baby gets here and time is now becoming very limited to make a quilt...especially at the pace I do them! I'd rather make a gender specific one after to rotate in the cot and so that's we've agree to....DH was happy to spend money on one and it matches perfect!

My darling little sister has made the cutest invites for the baby shower using one of Russell's scans. I don't how to edit out the personal info so you'll just have to trust me! The invites should go out this week!
She is also helping to organise the games and food and getting excited about visiting in 3 weeks! I'm getting a list of things that still need to be done this weekend!

A conversation with two kids at work yesterday....

9-year-old girl: Mrs _________ are you going to have a baby?!?

Me: Yep!

9 year-old boy sitting next to her: You know you have to push that out! (said very matter-of-fact)

Me: Ummm yes.. (not really sure where the conversation is going)

Boy: You know the show Friends? There was a lady having a baby on there and she had to push it out. It was this big, (holds up fingers) about 3 centimetres... and she had to get it out!

Me: Ummmm....yes...(I quickly changed the subject before he went into anymore details or I had to answer any questions!)

It was rather funny!

30 weeks + 5 days

Weight: 75kg
(I couldn't get the scales to work this morning...I think they have finally kicked the bucket...but on Sunday they still said 75kgs...so that is what I am sticking with til I get new scales on the weekend.)


Helen said…
Oh that conversation! LOL Do I get an invite to the baby shower??!
Bee said…
Hey Fatty!! You look good, love you! xoxo wish I could be there for the shower :( Love ya, B
Cee said…
Look at that pokey out belly!!! Can't wait to see you!!


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