Noah and Friends

I totally forgot to post this!!!

The finished 'Noah and Friends' quilt...arrived safely at Alannah's house a few weeks ago...I hope she is already enjoying it hanging on her wall!!

I totally love this quilt!!! And apart from the massive amount on hours it takes to do...I'd do another one starting today!!

Alas there is enough on the list to finish at the momoent!


Leah said…
What a fabulous quilt (and sustained effort to get it done!) Truly looks great.
Taiya said…
That is a beautiful quilt! Absolutely gorgeous!
Emma said…
Absolutely fantastic! Much better than some of the wishy-washy versions I've seen! Would the stripes you uses work in place of the blue/yellow for Russell's quilt? the colours seem similar, but it could be the lighting.
Anonymous said…
Looks great AJ. Love all the colours.
ps. word verification for my comment is "bellytho". Does this computer know something about you???

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