So far I've washed the dog (after being at the beach this morning and getting all sandy), totally cleaned out and wiped the fridge, did the dishes, washed all the cultery and wiped in the draw, took all the plates/dishes out of the cupboard and wiped the shelves, on to the 3rd load of washing, vacumed the whole house, scrubbed (hands and knees!!) the floors and went food shopping (stocked up on toilet much is too much toilet paper in the house?!?!)

I want to do some things in the baby's room too today...but first I think I might go have a nap!!

P.S. I got some new bathroom scales today too....they should be more accurate (measures in 100g) so that could be a little scary!!


Helen said…
And I can promise you, you won't remove all the plates and wipe out the cupboards again till the child is over 6 years old! LOL
MIL said…
When are you visiting your MIL? Before baby is born, while you are still in the 'mood' I hope!
cas said…
Nesting.... good job, sounds like me and DH yesterday, a little job multiplied into a bigger job.... hehe.

Cas Cas

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