WIP Wednesday

Two weeks in a row!! Yeah!!

DH's cousin had a little girl last Monday...Imogen Meleisha was a tiny 5lbs 1oz and a few weeks early!! I'm not really sure if they are the 'homemade present' type of people, but as Imogen was the 4th great-grandbaby but the first girl and they knew whe was a girl before she was born I'm sure they have everything under the sun for her...execpt a quilt of course!

Made the quilt tops Musk, Marshmellows, Butterfly Dreams and Strawberries and Cream back in January of 2008.
Marshmellows went to Alannah and Strawberries and Cream went to Annaleisa
So I dug out Musk for Imogen...I'm saving Butterfly Dreams for someone special...if it is a girl this time!!

Anyway while Aden had a 30 min cat nap today I chose some backing and binding fabrics, ironed them, swept the floor enough to have a clear space in the playroom, made a quilt sandwich and re-threaded the machine with pink varigated cotton... and that is as far as I got...
until this afternoon that is...I was hoping and praying for a 2.5 hour sleep like I got yesterday.....no such luck! So in the 40 minutes that Aden slept for this arvo I got quilting. A fast simple effective stipple...I almost got it done too...only 20 cms left along one of the short sides!!
Should only take me about 20 mins to finish the quilting and then I need to make the binding and sew it on!


Emma said…
Well done, it's looking lovely!
Shannon said…
Gorgeous quilt AJ!!!!

I love Aden's invites!


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