11 Months

My beautiful boy is getting so big!!

He hasn't quite cracked the 10kg mark yet though...He was 9.960 fully clothed and nappied...the nurse did some quick calculations and said his weight to be 9.62 kgs. We were able to measure his height standing up this time...75cms...down from 77 cms last month...I don't think he has shrunk any just poor measurements from last when I was on my own wrestling a wriggly toddler!

Yes Toddler!! Aden is soooo confident with his walking! It was amazing to watch him master turning while still moving...often falling down and lots of falling down when he is tired...but still so clever!!

He can say a few words...like 'heeooo' when you give him the telephone..only if no one is on the other end though...if someone talks back to him he goes all silent...which is very rare...I think we have a mega chatterbox on our hands!! He starts at 6am when he wakes in his cot, talks for a few minutes then cries for you get him out, and goes until bed at 7pm. Where he will often mumble while he is drifting off to sleep if I'm rocking him!

He has been a bit up and down with his food...he will still take food from the spoon I offer him but he is also happy to shove it in his mouth himself too...He just goes from loving something one day to refusing to eat it the next...it can be a bit of a guessing game! He loves anything we are eating though...from mushrooms to chocolate biscuits...naughty I know...but we don't give him much...He will continue to cry for more but he is learning that 'no means no' in lots of contexts!

Aden also learnt to clap this month...and will clap at the appropriate moments in If you're happy and you know it..very cute to watch! He starting singing too!! While shopping with Aunty Bee and Aunty Cee he was playing with a cake that sang Happy Birthday then all of a sudden he was singing along! 'Ha hahh ahahaha ha haha' and bopping his head! I've also caught him 'dancing' to a song on Playschool. He gets the TV for an hour some days...we watch Roary the Racing Car, Angelina Ballerina and Playschool. I say watch but he doesn't really. Aden will watch for a few minutes and then be distracted by a book, toy or the cat! Playschool is bring back some wonderful memories for me though..and I can even join in some of the songs!

It's been a long month!! Feels like so long ago that we were visiting cousin Bailey!


The 'zombie walk' Aden is much better now and doesn't need to hold his hands out like this...but he did it this way for over a week!
More creative painting with my friend Finley

Nanny and her 2 Grandies
Visiting Puppa Mick at work

Vacuum cleaner on loan...

Me and my boy!

1st Birthday party is on the count down!! The planning is in full swing!


Natalie said…
Ooooh I just love all the photos, I can't believe how quickly Aden is growing up!

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