From the heart

It was with great sadness in my heart that I began making these two little quilts.
Two weeks ago tonight, my cousin and her husband were burdened with a terrible heartache that will stay with them forever. Jack and Samuel were born at just 19 weeks and 1 day and sadly passed into God's loving hands shortly after. Although perfect they were just too little to survive.

These two little boys were and still are so loved.

When I found out there were on their way I was already thinking about some quilts to go with their big sister, Alannah's 'Noah' quilt.

After hearing the news of their passing I decided that they still deserved to have some little quilts to honour their births. I had been saving this fabric for something special and I couldn't think of anything better to use it for. I decided on two different quilts because although there were twins they were also individuals. The heart blocks I though appropriate as they will always remain in our hearts forever. I was planning on making them a bit smaller but my head wasn't in the right place to be working out measurements and re-sizing the blocks. The block instructions were found here.

I'm going to see the family this weekend, most likely with tears, as I give them these quilts to remember their special sons and brothers.

RIP Jack and Samuel We love you!


Mands said…
AJ - I'm so sorry to hear of the loos of Samuel and Jack :(. Your quilts are beautiful - what a lovely reminder for your cousin.
What a lovely gesture, I'm sure they love these beautiful reminders of their beautiful boys.
Car said…
I'm so sorry to hear of their loss. Thinking of you all xxx
Kylie said…
Those quilts are gorgeous and will be treasured.
Cascade Lily said…
AJ the quilts are totally gorgeous and a fitting memorial for the little boys. How heartbreaking for your family. I'm sure the quilts will always be treasured.
cas said…
Such a sad time for your family, what a lovely thought about the quilts, lovely way to remember their boys x

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