Totally Inspired

I have been totally inspired by Helen...again!
This time with her pebble quilting! You can win her mini quilt
on her blog here

So after debating how to quilt my Hungry Caterpillar quilt I decided to pebble around the 3 characters on the quilt...small enough to get my head around but big enough to give it a good go.
So here is it so far... I’m not sure if I’m doing it right.... what do you think??

Backing..looks a little mess but nobody looks at the back right??


Emma said…
I think it looks great! You'll get smoother with practice, but the effect is perfect!
Helen said…
Go AJ! I think it looks hot, really well done! Neater than mine! :) Thanks for the link to the big 600th giveaway too. Drum roll........ winner selected tomorrow!
Car said…
Wow - that looks awesome! Almost makes me want to go try it on something now ;)
Corrie said…
ohhhhh love your pebbles! I need to progress from my basic free motion.....

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