8 months!!

What a battle to get this photo...it took both DH and I!! This boy just doesn't stop!

I have just had a quick look through all the photos of Aden this month to discover that they are mostly of him eating!! I guess that happens when you get 3 new teeth for the month! He now has 2 bottom teeth and 3 top teeth...and lots of dribble and snot...so I guess more are on the way!

Weight: 8.06kgs (20th)
Height: 74cms (90th)
HC: 45cms (50th)

First Spaghetti!! Yum Yum!!

His toy collection is getting bigger...his favourite at the moment other than books, which he still loves, are balls! This little pink ball is the perfect size and very bouncy. Aden will spend 20 mins or more just crawling around after the ball, picking it up and waving his arms till it flings out and bounces away again. DH and I have started playing ball with him too. Rolling a bigger ball back and forth between us and helping Aden to 'catch' it. He thinks it is a great game.

Banana Face!
He doesn't like sharing apple and can eat pretty much the whole thing himself...we take a bite to start him off

First taste of Watermelon

Aden is just big enough to have the car seat turned around..we could have left it a little bit longer but he was getting to heavy to lift over the straps to get him in and out. He loved being able to look out the window and see everything.
Must be comfortable
Aden's first pair of shoes! Thanks Nanny Kate and Pa
Talking to Pa
Drinking out of the hose!

Banana Finger Painting! and over due for a sleep!

Visiting Nanny...this wagon of blocks was my older brothers 30 years old and still going strong!
Ready for bed...sleeping bag getting to small! I must make another one!
Aden's Easter present from Nana...a little early as she has left to wait the arrival of a new cousin for Aden....hopefully this week!


Emma said…
What a great age! He's gorgeous, and you have some wonderful photos there.
Helen said…
Awwww, I remember the girls at this age. Emma is right, its a great age, enjoy! He is so cute!!!

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