Brisbane Craft Fair

It was great to meet up with Susan and her son Jordan (just a few weeks younger than Aden) and also Bec and her son Jack. We had a good wander around and looked at everything!

There were quilts on display from the 'Material Obsession' book.

My favourite was the rocket quilt!

There was also the World's Biggest Hexagon Quilt!! It really was huge! And it got me thinking about my own hexagon quilt! (More on that later!) I am actually regretting not sitting down and stitching a few hexagons...just so I could say I was part of it...might have to post a few to the organisers or pop into Gatton one day!

These Mini quilts, by the members of the Queensland Quilters Inc. were all made with no less than 20% of the same is amazing to see the different ideas people came up with. I only took photos of the ones I really liked, although all of them were amazing!
Swinging into a Brisbane Summer - Margaret Tweedle
The second picture has more accurate colour in it..not sure what happened to the first photo

Noosa Jellyfish - Del Ledgerwood

It's out there - Judith Davis

It's all too much - Heather Arkinstall

Just a little biased - Judie Bellingham

Darbook Park - Janette Rintoul

Tribute to a 'Women of Substance' - Susan Hamilton

Kaffe and Kim III - Kim Boland

Friends in my garden - Karen Merslades
This one caught my eye...not sure why really...but I love the detail on the geckos

Would you believe - Margaret Shingles

Serendipity - Ailsa Kolo

It is amazing how you can know people....despite having never met them...while walking around looking at the quilts I could almost hear my quilty friends discussing the pros and cons of each quilt in my ear!

The Village - Ros Ward
This is right up Helen's alley...she loves wonky houses!

Tree of Life - Jane Rundle
This one reminds me of Emma's trees...and I bet she will love the quilting!!

Griffin - Kathryn Iliff
I was totally impressed with the talent and much too intimidated to join just yet!

This quilt is on the list too...wonder how Ads is going with hers??

Aden was such a good boy and he loved the train ride home too!!


Emma said…
Some great mini quilts there - and I do love that tree one; both the design and the quilting!
The Humming Cat said…
errr, yet to start *blush*
Helen said…
Great shots AJ! Love those houses!!!! You were right!
brissmith said…
Great day thanks! But where are the sheep? Susan :)

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