Raw Talent!!

Aden's first drawing! Mummy helped a bit of course and I traced his hands too. As good as this is I really don't think he is ready for pens just yet...check out his face and hands!

This is the new face he likes to pull....


Helen said…
Purple texta nearly up the nose! LOL Wait till you give him a loaded paint brush! Too cute!
Aunty Cee said…
Who knew my gorgeous boy had such an "evil face".

Give me his cheeky grin any day!

See you soon!! Mwah!!
Austy's Mum said…
Cute! Looks like he loves eating them as much as he does drawing with them ;). I just use crayons or pencils with Madelyn as teh clean up is sooo much easier without stifling her creative flair. Although I wish the library would do the same - I take her to craft and storytime with Austy and as soon as I look away to help Austy, there is texta EVERYWHERE!

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