Aden's Library....

Mem Fox is a fantastic Australian author with plenty of great award winning books. I saw this one in the shop just this week, but since my maternity pay has finished up little splurges can't happen any when I saw it at the Library today I borrowed it out for Aden.

We hadn't read it yet when I was channel surfing after attempting to put Aden to sleep didn't work...and what should we see but Playschool!! Boy it brought back some memories! Justine Clark was on today and I'm not sure who the bloke was that was with her...anyway the point being guess what book they read on Playschool today?? 'Where is the Green sheep' of course!

Aden isn't really a big fan of TV so I'm not sure he really listened to Justine reading but he seemed to like it when I read it before bed!


Liam's Mummy said…
"Where is the Green Sheep" is the first book I bought for Liam. Great book!
Cass said…
Great book but after reading it about a 1000 times you'll be so over it!

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