Crayon Roll

My niece is turning 2 this weekend...and what do you get for a little girl who has more toys than she can play with...something handmade of course. I've since heard that she loves to draw and colour, even being able to name colours (mostly correct) and shapes (sometimes correct)! I've been wanting to make one of these for ages using Novy's tutorial so last night I did!
It is super easy and fun to make. I had to adjust the measurements of course...cause there were 16 crayons in the pack I bought! Just need to get a colouring books or just a sketch book to add to it.


Anonymous said…
Love it!!
This is gorgeous!
I know another certain almost 18 month old who would LOVE one of those for her 2bd birthday too!!

x J
Kylie said…
Lovely! I've been looking for a tutorial for one of these that was easy to follow! I'll be giving this a go at some stage!
cas said…
That is excellent, love it, im sure she will too. x

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