Doll Quilt Swap III

They are finished...yep thats right there are two of them....I couldn't send 1 Dolls quilt to a house that has two little I made two....they are different so hopefully Mum doesn't have to many arguments about who gets which one!!


Helen said…
They look lovely AJ! Like the rick rack detail!
Cass said…
AJ they look great I am sure they will be loved and what a lovely thing to make two
susan said…
how sweet! and i now know that im not getting a quilt from you, as i only have one daughter!! they are super cute!
Anonymous said…
What a lovely gesture. I'm sure they will love them.
What is the fabric? I think I have it for a quilt for my daughter or something close to it.
Cascade Lily said…
Well done AJ - can't have two sweet little things fighting over such a beautiful quilt, so two will fit the bill!

Love the pix of Jester with his new friend too :)

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