Bam Bam's Sleepover

Bam Bam arrived on Tuesday morning and was very happy to see Jester....however his mummy had trouble leaving her baby and needed to be told 'He'll be fine' numerous times..We settled them in under the house and boarded up all the escape routes for such a little pup and left them to play for the day. I thought I might be able to sneak back at lunch time and check on them, as I wasn't on class, but at a Professional Development day down the road...but I couldn't so was hoping they would still be there when I got and home.
And they were waiting happily, with tails wagging, for me to let them out...we had a wonderful play on the veranda...Jester was so gentle with Bam Bam. It was very cute watching them growl at each other while playing tug on the pork chop!! We had BB in a house for a few minutes as a trial but he peed twice on the floor in 10 minutes so back outside he went!!

They slept well Tuesday night, although I didn't listening out for them (imagine the sleep I'm going to get with a real baby!!) and Bam Bam was very happy to see his mummy the next afternoon!!


MIL said…
Good to see my grandsons getting on so well.
Emma said…
What a gorgeous visitor! If you're anything like me, you'll soon learn to stop listening so intently!
The Humming Cat said…
so cute together. Its a bit sad that we never got to have Lottie as a puppy, but she came to us toilet trained so thats a bonus!
Anonymous said…
What great photos. I can nearly here them growling and playing with each other. Isn't funny how the older dogs are usually placid with the younger ones. Hope he comes back again.

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