Queen Mary Falls

This years ANZAC Day was a little different from the past 10 years. With DH on holidays we didn't have an offical military function to attend, so after a quick Dawn service and 'Gunfire' Breakfast, a quick nap at home for an hour, then watching the small local march we headed out driving for the day.

We ended up at Queen Mary Falls. There is a Caravan/Camping Park, a lovely picnic area and a circut walk down to the bottom of the falls. We just took the short walk to the lookout but we'll be going back to do the 1 hour walk to the bottom next time! There were heaps of people there so a weekday might be best next time!

Aden loved his Ergo ride from Dad...First time he has been on the back!


Helen said…
Looks lovely AJ! Aden looks quite comfy.
AJ - Aden looks so happy! I love the one of him sitting at the base of that hollowed out tree. Beautiful pictures!! Jenn
cas said…
He looks very comfy there! Love it!

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