9 Months!

At 9 months Aden is learning and growing beautifully. I'm so proud of my little boy!
* chews his food using his 6 teeth (3 top 3 bottom)

* crawls very fast and gets away from Mummy and Daddy and in to mischief very quickly! and loves to follow the cat, who has scratched him twice this month!

* knows his name and will follow you if you ask him too

* says Mumma, Dadda, Bubba and we think he has been saying 'puppy'

* loves to feed himself (and the floor!) favourites include pasta, carrot and zucchni (homegrown by his Nana!) with cream cheese, Baked beans, any sort of youghurt or custard, bananas (of which he can eat a whole one in a matter of minutes shoving huge pieces in his mouth) and apples

* tries to eat vegemite toast although most of it ends up squished in his fingers and then thrown on the floor

* loves taking a bath and splashing his hands, he also likes to stand up and play with the taps, but he will sit down when you ask him only to stand again, 3 strikes and he is out!

* is getting better at not crying when he is getting dried and dressed after a bath/shower

* is osbessed with the toilet paper!

* is learning to get off the bed and couch feet first instead of head first...there have been a few falls

* has slept through the last 4 nights (touch wood), previousley waking at 4:30am for a feed and going straight back to sleep til 6:30am, is now waking at 6am for a feed.

* still loves his 'Mummy milk' and currently has stopped the biting (yeah!)

* can give kisses, but doesn't stop at one, it is usually 3 in a row, if you turn your head or give him your cheek he will move or wait, has to be on the mouth.

* is learning to give cuddles on demand! He will lay his head on your shoulder/chest when you ask for a cuddle

* can stand for 10-15 seconds unsupported, either by standing him up and letting go or him letting go while standing at the coffee table/lounge

* plays happily by himself, favourite things being any ball or anything he can turn into a ball ie throw, which he is becoming good at, also cars/trucks with wheels to push along the ground, again will turn anything into a car, ie blocks, books or stuffed toys anything that will slide on the wooden floors but can also be very demanding if he wants your attention or to play with him.

* loves being outside! He will head straight for the door as soon as you open it!

* loves practising his walking, and is becoming very proficent at it again turning anything into a 'walker' that moves, his little chairs, washing trolley etc

* helps with the folding by pulling everything out of the basket and throwing it around the room or dragging it down the hallway with him.

* plays a great game of 'peek-a-boo' using two different methods. One by holding anything you give him over his head and pulling it down again, washer in the bath tub, nappy from the folding, plate in the highchair (yes this is messy and not encouraged!) Or the other way by holding on to the edge of the coffee table and bobbing up and down. SUPER CUTE! He worked out he could see us from under the table too and now goes both ways.

* has a very varied routine for day sleeps anywhere from 20 mins to an hour and a half not necessarlily on the same day some days it is only 20 for each sleep

* has a fantastic nighttime bed routine and goes straight to bed without hassles, he sleeps like a frog!

* has been dummy free for almost 2 months, went 'cold turkey' at 7 months 1 week and hasn't looked back

* loves books and visiting the Library

* favourite songs include 'Old MacDonald' but he only has a puppy that says 'woof'

* Has taken one step on his own (from jolding Mummy's fingers, letting go, one step and grabbing Daddy's hands) He has a super grip that you can't shake!

* is becoming a climber and taking risks...not always with a positive outcome and there for has a few bruises!
* loves to help 'drive' the car into the garage

* likes the swings at the playground but his favourite is the 'wobble' ones (for lack of a better name, anyone know what they are called?) see picture!

Weight: 8.4 kgs (20th)
Lenght: 74cms (80th)
HC: 45.5cms (50th)

Mummy and Daddy love you Aden Henry!


Aden you are getting more handsome everyday! Such cute pictures AJ! Jenn

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