1283 Hexagons...and counting

After seeing the massive hexagon quilt at the Quilt Fair I started thinking about my own...Started in March 2007 it is now lovingly refered to as 'The football quilt' as most of it has been constructed while watching the football on TV. 3 games a weekend makes for 6 hours of handstitching...well it used to be 6 hours...If Aden is about I can't stitch, watch him and watch the footy.

So Friday nights are usually the better time, after Aden is in bed!

Last weekend over Easter my little sister stayed with us and had a turn at stiching some hexagons too!! I still have heaps to go!

I just love looking at the colours and remembering where each little piece of fabric came from...lots of them from my quilting buddies!


What a beautiful quilt!! I love all of the bright colors. That is one of my favorite hand stitching projects to do while watching tv. But you are right, with a little one about, it does prove difficult. My little boy is finally walking at 14 months so he's reall into everything now! What til Aden is up on his feet! Fun times! Jenn
brissmith said…
Not quite as big as the one we saw but just as gorgeous. I love all the colours ! Susan
Car said…
Love that last picture all lined up nice and neat - I so need to do this with my crafts... it's currently spread from one end of the room to the other.

PS when Aden does start moving, try to spend as much time in the sewing room with him, they learn really quickly what they can and can't touch!!!
The Humming Cat said…
That is way cool. What size brights do you need? Will send you some.
Helen said…
Wow!!! Looks great! How big you thinking?
Cee said…
I am very proud of my first attempt at "quilting"!!! :)

That first photo of me is pretty shocking though!!

You never know...i may be a quilting convert yet! :P
Clair said…
Um wow. I am very impressed. That is a lot of hexi"s and I can't believe you have had the patience to keep it going for so long! Awesome.

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