Christmas Skirts

To go with the shirts I made last week I have also gifted my nieces some skirts! How cute is this fabric!

I have made 6 skirts in total.
2 have been hand delivered as you can see above and are loved and already being worn by my nieces. 2 are in the mail and should arrive tomorrow *fingers crossed* in time to wear for Christmas day. Sadly, the other 2 won't make it to their destination before Christmas. Due to a death in our family we have had to change our travel plans and we won't get to see my other niece and nephew this year. I hoping they will still fit next year though if I take the hems down a little.

Kelly is giving away some fabric if you are quick. Just link up what you have made this week with fabric and you could win!


Kelly Elliott said…
These are adorable!! I love that skirt fabric. Fingers crossed for the post man!!.

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