Miss C's Fairy Quilt

This is Miss C's quilt. Way too cute!! Need to add borders and her name and then back it and quilt it!! Think I'll go and buy some more fairies just in case we have a girl one day!!

This is my second 'Fairy Quilt' I have also made one for a sick little girl whoes Mum I meet through EB. Helen has started to add the borders and then Sarah will quilt it for us. Hopefull it will be all finished soon as T'keyah is not feeling well again and may be back in hospital again! :(

Had a pretty uneventful day. Did a half day at work...still feels like a full day cause the kids are such hard work at the moment!! Lots to do and the calendar is filling up!! It's already the end of AUGUST!!!! Where did the year go???


Helen said…
Hey AJ! Just posed a pict of T'keyah's quilt by you up in my blog! Is sooooo beautiful. You have done a great job! :)

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