Real Family!!

Good Evening!!

Thought I'd be good and add to my new blog...very exciting!! Having visitors over tonight but they don't arrive til 10:30pm!! My MIL and future-step-FIL (getting married in October) and Nana-in-law will be visiting tonight... DH cooks good food when they visit....he likes cooking special dishes for guests and he's good at it!! Last time was Pumpkin Risoto...YUM!!!! I'll post some pics next time he cooks!!

Sis-in-law is also visitng tonight...filling me in on her life, and love life, over the last few her flatmates some room to 'entertain' each other. Good to catch up on her 'new boyfriend'. They've been toghether a while but now it's offical!! Ummm.... make that 6mths before they worked it out!! It's a good thing though...I think they are good for each other. She's just found out his mother has know about them since April, whereas she was keeping the secret and thought no-one knew! Especially his parents!!

Have to go NCIS is on!!


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