Jester's Big Day

What a big day for a little dog!! Jester had a good night's sleep with no crying (not that we heard) and was up early to greet us at the door this morning. I think he has finally mastered the stairs, although he still hesitates going down. He had a bath, in a bucket, in the laundry sink and seemed to enjoy it. (Nikita also had a bath today, although her's was not as enjoyable for either of us). He started to get the shakes after a while and was soon dried off and back to his fluffy self!

A found a hole dug in the garden today!!! Jester has been told NO!! so i hope he doesn't do any more. He was chewing my runners yesterday, got told NO! and he hasn't touched them today....maybe he is a fast learner!!!! GREAT!!!!

We also went and visited the neighbours today. S and C though he was very cute, although S (9 years old) was scared that he would nip her. She gave him a tennis ball to take home with him. He loves to chase it and will sometimes bring it back to you although he won't drop it. You have to wrestle it off him! Boy are his little teeth like little razors!

After visitng the neighbours Jester decided to let himself out.....he managed to crawl under the fence. So we have put some cardboard up until he gets to big to fit under. Nikita won't like it as it also stops her escape route!

Did some shopping today and N visited. She might have to move back in when her lease runs out in 3 months. Will have to wait and see what happens....nothing else really exciting happened today did a little house work and A has let the washing pile up while I was away for two nights. I have done some of it but still need to hang out and to do that now.....have a good evening!

Had to come back to add that A went to his first game of touch tonight. Hope he enjoys all the socialising while I'm at home.....supposedly working !!! ;)


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