34 Weeks

Number three of the Ante-natal classes...which again Russell proceded o wiggle and hiccup through!! It was a little more interesting this week. We went through all the procedures and reasons for a c-section (which I am really hoping to avoid) and watched a few short minutes of a few videos of an actual c-sections...without all the gory bits. Then we talked about packing ward, labour and nappy bags to take to the hospital...which I made lists for this weekend and started packing...hard to do though when you are wearing the only clothes that fit and they need to be packed...means I have to keep on top of the washing!! We (well DH!!) had a practise of folding nappies and wrapping a baby. He did a good job on both but came home and decided that he needed to practise on the cat! I don't think she was very impressed!

He was going to try the nappy to...but Nikita wouldn't have a bar of it!

We also went to the OB's this afternoon. He said I am right to work for a few more weeks...13 days to go and counting! My blood pressure is still good and Bubs is still head down, bum pushing into my rib cage!

There are a few things I'm now having difficulty doing...like washing the dog, putting on socks and reversing the car...hard to turn around to see properly and therefor I try and avoid doing it! But I can still touch my toes and do all the others things too...just a bit more slowly and carefully than before!
I still sleep like a rock with only one early morning toilet stop at about 4:30. I'm generally pretty tiredby 10pm though!

We picked up the pram on Monday (of which is staying boxed for a few more weeks to save the dust and dirt getting on it from under the house) and ordered a bedside table for beside the rocking chair for feeding. I'm still waiting on 10 more boxes/storage things for the shelves and then the nursery is done! I started washing the nappies on the weekend and will eventually get to all the clothing and bed linen to.
Current Nappy Stash... Still a few more second hand ones to add from Joy and I think I need a Berry Plush Cover...still deciding on colours though!
Northern Lights

Your pick??

Belly pics...taken tonight at 34 weeks

A bit tired tonight

Weight: 74.9kg
Waist Measurement: 105cm (I've grown 10cms in 10 weeks!)


Helen said…
Look at you! Your about to pop! Daz was the master of wrapping the girls, he can't do a cat though!
Car said…
LOL at your DH :)

Loving your nappy stash, I say go the northern lights (is that the purple) I bought K a rainforest - so lush!!!

I have to state the obvious - you are all belly! Looking good!!!
Kylie said…
Look at that belly - remeinds me of myself!

Love the nappy stash - I put in for firestorm.

And LOL at practising on the cat!
Emma said…
LOL at the cat-wrapping! She'll run a mile next time she sees him with anything resembling a wrap! My vote goes for northern lights or rainforest - preferably both ;) I can't believe how close you're getting, although that gorgeous belly puts it into perspective!
Cee said…
Only one more day until i get to see that belly for myself!!!

I showed the girls at work the pictures of the quilts and we all had a little giggle at DH and Nikki!
Love you!

See you soon!!!
Cee said…
You have to stop putting your belly measurements on your blog so no-one can cheat at the shower game! :)
Cascade Lily said…
Now that's a baby belly AJ! LOL at cat wrap. Hope the next four to six weeks don't drag too much for you :)

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