Sew-a-long Friday...

With DH away for the night I was free to sew all night long...It is 2:15am and I'm now heading to bed...Russell has been up with me for most of the night...kicking and hiccuping! I wonder if he does that while I sleep??

I didn't just start 1 new quilt...I started 3!! I got a bit carried away...hope I don't pay for it too much in the morning...a sleep in is called for I think!

So what did I sew...lots actually! A Jelly Roll and charm squares, have been turned into 'Chinese Coin Stacks' and are now hanging over the ironing board for tomorrow...hopefully the sashing and borders will be attach by tomorrow night and then sandwiched on yeah!!
From this...
to this....

I also spent tonight chatting on-line to other late night quilters! I had to move the computer screen and keyboard so I could to both at once!!

And I don't think Noodle helped much...just slept in my fabric!


Peta said…
Just gorgeous! Can't wait to see it with the sashing and borders on.

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