33 Weeks

Less than 50 days to go! (hopefully!!)

I've just gotten back from our second Ante-natal class....'The birth video'
It wasn't as bad as I was anticipating and DH handled it well also....although he still says he won't be looking 'down there'!! Russell continued to kick and wriggle for the entire 2 hours of the class!

Dad and Kate were here for the weekend and we now have almost everything we need for the baby's room. The pram is on order and the boxes for the shelves are organised. Only the bedside table to get...we looked but I don't want to wait the 8 weeks it will take to order one from that store and so will look again on the weekend. This is the pram we got....
Suitable from birth to 17kgs, Travel system stroller accommodates Strider DLX Infant Carrier and Bassinet, Easy one step fold-with or without seat attached, Reversing seat with three recline positions, Large canopy with viewing window, Large shopping basket, Swivel front wheels, Full PVC weather shield
99% UV protection mesh sun shade, Strider deluxe foot muff
L78 x W68 x H28cm

After looking at all the colours and having the sales lady pull out someones lay-by so i could look at it in real life...I decided (DH doesn't really like it) to go with 'Kingfisher' (the colour above, a pretty aqua blue) It folds easily enough and quite compact too. Now I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive!
My darling Dad also gave Russell a new nickname! I was wearing a white shirt when he saw me and commented that it looking like I had stuck a ball up my shirt...a white volleyball to be exact and he now calls the baby 'Wilson' like the ball from the movie 'Cast Away'.... that then progressed to 'Wilson Wassell' so it sounds like you have speech impediment! I really really really hope it doesn't stick!

We took Dad and Kate sight seeing...check out our matching bellies!

Nursery pictures should be ready next week...just have to sort the boxes of stuff that were delivered today...the high chair from my sister and a box of clothes from a friend.

Also mum sent me a large bag of patterns for baby/kids clothes so I have to go through those too!

Weight: 75.3kg


Anonymous said…
Not long to go now!!

Pram looks great! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery.

You are looking fabulous too!

Take Care
x J
Helen said…
Wilson! LOL Thats too funny!!! Less than 50 days.... wow, it has zoomed by!
Kylie said…
Look at that growing belly - looking good - good luck with the next 50 or so days.

Oh to the joys of living in the north - 8 weeks that is obsurd!

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