35 Weeks

My little sister is visiting this week...look what she bought me....DONUTS!! Most people who know me know that I have a weakness for donuts..so when she was coming from an airport that had a Krispy Kream Donut shop, I of course requested some! YUM!!!
I've finally had to change my eating habits this week...for the first time in ages I haven't been able to finish a full dinner! I even served myself less and still couldn't finish it all...A real shock for me! Russell must be taking up more and more room!!

I finally got DH to put the pram together...I LOVE it!! He took it for a test drive around under the house!! Avoiding the poles and the dog...lucky it has great steering! Then for fun we thought we'd have a practise at putting it in the boot of the car....it only just fits! I think the carrier will be getting more of a workout than we first thought! The pram possibly won't be so easy to manage with a boot full of groceries!

We took Cee and Jason Ten Pin Bowling on Sunday....it wasn't til we got to the door that DH and I realised that I might not be able to bowl at all...I said I'd give it a go and stop if it was hurting or too difficult...well it wasn't....I kicked butt despite the fact that my belly is the same size as some of the balls...and probably weights more! Check out the score sheet!
And a blury terrible photo!
We had a 'booking in' appointment at the hospital yesterday. I signed a bunch of paperwork and consented to a some tests for the baby when it is born...hearing, Hep. B, 'heal prick' etc....

We also went to our 4th Ante-natal class...breastfeeding and communicating with the baby once it was born. We also had a 2-day-old newborn brought in, to listen to her mum about the birth she just had as well as the birth of her older child.....I was too busy watching the newborn to really listen! Her face was so expressive! and she was hungry so there was lots of cute little frowns and squeaks!

DH and I both can't wait til our own little one is here!

Weight: 76.6kg


Natalie said…
Oooh I have that stroller, but in a different colour. I just love it. Well done on the bowling too!
Helen said…
Awwww Krispy Kreme's!!! We don't get them here in Perth either. Yumo! You could have a bowling ball under your top AJ, you are so tight!

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