36 Weeks

What a busy week! I think I over did it a little as now I am sick! Only affecting my head not my whole body thank goodness, but a few days off work should fix that and then I only have a few to go!

On Saturday I had my Baby shower, with a few surprise guests! My Mum and little sister Bee surprised me by arriving at lunch time on Saturday just in time to finish preparing for the shower. I had a feeling a few weeks ago that Bee might be coming, but then she stopped talking about it so I didn't think she would, but I didn't think Mum would as she will be back visiting again in just two weeks. I have since found out that a LOT of people knew they were coming and all of them managed to keep the secret. Thank you! It was a wonderful surprise and I was super pleased I got to share the day with both my sisters and mum!

There were also about 20 guests, mostly from work, who tell me they all had a good time. We played silly games and had a good laugh and Russell got super spoilt. Mum bought a menagerie of toys with her and Bee bought some cute clothes, so the nursery is full!

Later that night...Look how clever I am! and tired and sick I look!

Look what else Bee did...she is the most un-crafty of us all but I think she did a great job! This will be the start of Russell's baby book!

Then on Sunday I had a Breast feeding course run by the ABA. I took Cee with me and I think it opened her eyes a bit! There were a few 'Gross, really?!?!' comments made, especially about the 'poo chart' they had which she brought home to show DH! I haven't finished reading the book that come with the course but I feel confident in my ability to breastfeed so that was positive.

Then on Monday I was off work sick! Just rested around the house and watched my Mum and sister churn out 5 pairs of PJ bottoms for her...after they raided my fabric and ribbon stash and a quick trip to Spotlight.

Then on Tuesday, after saying good bye to all of our visitors, we had our last Ante-natal class. It focused on settling and soothing a crying baby and what to 'do' with it once we are home. It was very informative and helpful, lets hope I can remember some of it when the time comes! I can't wait til we bring our own baby home!

35 Weeks + 3 days...Look how pointy it is!!

36 Weeks - I think my boobs have grown again this week! EEEKKK!!

Weight: 78.2kg


Helen said…
Wow! Look at that belly! Ready to pop AJ! And all those goodies from the shower! My fav was the washing basket, that will become your best friend. :)
Kath said…
Wow, Russell certainly did get spoilt!! That playmat looks awesome, mine got SOOO much use when Jake was little, they are the best.

Looking fab too, not long to go now!!! :)
Cascade Lily said…
So Russell had better turn out to be a boy don't you think? Most of the pressies look more 'boyish'!

Hope you're feeling much better now.

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