40 Weeks

Dear Russell,

Well today is your due date and yet you are still safe and warm in my tummy. We've made it through 40 weeks together. I didn't really expect you to arrive right on time, I suspect you'd like a birthday of your own and not have to share it with your Pa or Aunty Nicole.

Although they say pregnancy can go really quickly yours hasn't, although in a few months of having you here with us it will feel like such a small part of your life. I've cherished everyday that we have had together so far.

I remember exactly where and when it was that I was told that you were on your way and soon to join our family. I took the phone call in the front office at work and it was very difficult to hear the best news in the whole world and not let on to any of the staff standing around me. I wanted your Dad to be the next to hear the news. I rang him as soon as I got back to the classroom. He was just as excited as I was. I only just managed to restrain myself from shouting it from the roof tops! The last hour of work that day felt like it dragged and passed in a blur all at the same time. I don't know how she knew but Mummy's friend Megan rang that very afternoon, just knowing that she had to talk to me....and I of course couldn't keep you to myself any longer! Your Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles were just as excitited as we were and it caused a few tears!

As I sit here in your nursery, ready and waiting for you arrival and feel you wiggling in my tummy, something you do a lot of, I still find it quite surreal to think that in just a matter of days (and no more than a week!) you'll be here with us ready to change our lives forever, for the better.

I swear you are the most eagerly anticipated baby in North Queensland. Your Aunty Bee has rung almost everyday to see if you are here yet. The kids at school helped me count down the weeks and it feels like everyone is on baited breath for your arrival...I know you'll come when your good and ready.

I always knew that one day I'd a Mum. I wasn't quite ready for the seemingly long battle it took to get here but in a way I'm glad it did. I think I've been able to appreciate and treasure the last 40 weeks with you - watching you grow on the ultrasounds, seeing your little alien face at 19 weeks and then feeling you move, kick and interact with your Dad and I as we rub my tummy or push on your feet or bottom, which ever is jammed into my ribs the hardest - more than I would have if it had been an easy thing to fall pregnant.

I honestly didn't expect pregnancy to be this easy, you really have been very kind to your Mummy and for that I thank you. There has been rarely a blip of complaint or an ounce of medical issues and for that I am truly grateful.

So my bags are packed, your bag is packed, your cot is made up and the nappies are washed. All I need now is you my little one, one tiny little perfect baby to make my life so fulfilled it will feel like I'm ready to burst. I can't wait to start on this next journey with you into motherhood. I do hope you will forgive me for the mistakes I'll make along the way, the ups and downs of a very steep learning curve and the ins and outs of experiencing new things together. I promise you I will be the very best Mummy I can be.

See you soon little one,
Love Mummy

Weight: 82.3kg
Waist: 114cm


~LilFrankie~ said…
I'm still here with you AJ!!! I'm feeling the pain with you :o)

I'll be lurking from hospital on my laptop if you haven't gone by Monday when I do!
Car said…
How about another belly shot ;)

Hope your feeling ok still?
Bee said…
Are you right to make me cry at work!??!?!?! The letter is beautiful.. and definitely one for the baby book... Can't wait to meet the little one.. Love you to pieces.. Be safe.. no swine flu! Mwah! B xoxo
Cee said…
Thank you for making me bawl my eyes out at my desk!!! that was so beautiful and I think you are going to make the best mum!! I love you so much and can't wait for the arrival of you little one!! I will be one proud auntie!!!!
Nanna said…
Little one I am at your house with your Mum and Dad waiting for your arrival with much joyful anticipation. My guess for your arrival is the 25th, your own special birthday, but any day will now will be fine by all of us. You are a very lucky baby to be coming to a home with so much love, caring and learning coming to you. You are very much a big focus in the lives of your loving mum and dad and you extended family now and for ever more. Your Nanna can't wait to give you lots and love and kisses and Poppy Roger and I can't wait until you are a big little person so you can come and stay with us, all our love always,Love Nanna.
Aunty J said…
That is such a beautiful letter!

I am sitting here in tears.....

You are going to be the most wonderful Mummy.

Can't wait to meet your precious little miracle

Love you heaps
x Jodie
cas said…
Beautiful letter Aj, gosh in less than a week bub will be here, take care!

Cas Cas xoxo
Aunty B said…
Mental note to self.. stop reading my big sister's blog.. it makes me cry at work!!! Are you here yet baby?!?!?! Hurry up! Aunty Bee is getting very impatient! Can't wait to meet you xoxoxo
Kylie said…
You made me cry! What a beautiful letter AJ. You will be a fantastic mum.
Helen said…
Beautiful letter AJ! I can't wait to meet this little baby! Come on Russell!!!!
MIL said…
All I can say is, "Thank you".

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