Quilting Progress...

While we continue to wait....I sew....

Teddy Quilt...just the background, minus the teddy, for the spare cot at Mum's house...Of course she couldn't just use a regular pattern as the cot it is being made for is not a regualr cot...it made by my Great-grandfather in the late 70's for my siblings and I to use as babies...and so a very odd shape, long and narrow, so planing and drafting a pattern was called for...Loosely based on the Chocolate Coated 'Sweet Dreams Baby Quilt'

The sashing on a commission ready for sandwiching....

Helen...sashings are 2.5 inch finished...worked perfectly!


Helen said…
The commissioned quilt looks great! How wide a sashing did you end up going for?
The Prints Charming quilt is looking really good. I like the colours and I know DS would love those fabrics too.

Can't wait to see the completed chocolate quilt too.
Cascade Lily said…
The best thing about a chocolate quilt is that it doesn't show up the chocolate crumbs that fall on it while you're making it.

And how lovely that Russell will sleep in an heirloom at your mum's place!

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