V8 Supercar Weekend

I survived...and still no baby....when we originally bought the tickets here...I thought the due date would be this weekend! The noise was incredible...and Russell loved it...wiggling and kicking through the races and then going to sleep when the noise stopped. All the family were here....Dad and Kate, Mum and Roger, Lyn (MIL) and Mick, Nicole (SIL) and Beau.... and friends. We had a Bam Bam the dog visit for the whole weekend too...Jester loved it!

We had great seats in the front row of the grandstand on the 'hairpin', being able to see about 3 different corners and the entrance to the pits. The toilets, food and drinks were all close by and there was hardly any waiting for any of them. It was clean and well organised.

We had a long wander through the pits on the second day and I then can home for a rest before going back for the main race...I thought I'd get very tired, but surprisingly I didn't and other than fat feet at the end of the day (I think from wearing shoes all day) I felt really good for all 3 days.
DH had a good time too....finding 'grid girls' to have his photo taken with! Between 3 cameras we managed to take over 1500 photos....crazy!

Although cars and racing really aren't my 'thing', it was good fun and I'm glad I went.

Some photos....


Emma said…
What? No photos of Aaron with the grid girls?!
Helen said…
Cars aren't my thing either AJ but this looks like fun!
Kylie said…
Maybe Russel will be a rev head! Glad you had a great weekend and you don't have too much longer to wait to met your bub.

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