39 Weeks

The home stretch!

Most of the family were wishing that I had the baby over the weekend so that they could all be here...it didn't happen!

I've had to take my wedding rings off this week, they were getting too tight and I didn't want them to get stuck and need cutting! Other than the fat feet which continue to get fatter(!) everything else is good and going well.

Cross Stitch progress....doesn't look like I will get it finished...but I tried!

38 Weeks + 5 days

Weight: 80.5kg (+15kgs)


Becky said…
Wonderful photos! I must dig out the camera tomorrow...

Good luck and fingers crossed for the good news soon :)
Helen said…
Maybe the cross stitch will be done for Russell's sibling???! LOL Fantastic beach shots. Can't wait to meet this baby!
Unknown said…
Cross stitch looks great! I think you've done an excellent job getting as far as you have - they always take longer than you think.
Unknown said…
Beautiful belly shots AJ! Especially the dark shadowy one. It is just gorgeous!
Emma said…
I can't believe you even attempted it in such a short time; well done on getting as far as you have!
Cee said…
I love the BABY written in the sand photo!!! And look at those fat feet!!! Hehehehehe!!!! Love you!!
Natalie said…
Beautiful photos AJ, you look gorgeous!

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