Nappy Stacker

Joy has been very generous with lending me baby clothes and patterns....and I failed to make her a gift for Madelyn when she was born (sorry!!) but I have now made this which will hopefully match the furniture and other things, including this quilt, in Maddy's room.

Fully of lovely fluffy nappies!
It is sitting a bit funny in this photo and I worked out why...the fabric covered cardboard to stabilise the bottom was too small...I was going to leave it cause it did look alright...but it got the better of me and I ended up making another one...different fabric though because the piece of Farmers Market that I had left wasn't big enough.

I'm also thinking about adding a small applique to the top of the one Joy used on her clothes hamper....??? Yes?? No??

Here is the Nappy stacker I have made for our nursery...ages ago....but now I have some lovely fluffy nappies in it!


Helen said…
How cool is this!!! Clever girl AJ! I got my nappy stacker from Big W.....

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