Take Two!!

After seeing my new Nappy bag on my blog...I had a request from my cousin to make her one too...to replace the one she bought 6 months ago that is already falling apart...I hope mine lasts a bit longer than that!!

I sent her dozens of photos of fabric choices from my stash and she picked two that she liked.

I cut out half of the pattern pieces last night and the rest this morning while DH cooked me pancakes for breakfast. YUM!!!

Then over the course of the day....getting up often to stretch my tummy/back so that it doesn't start hurting...I finished the whole thing!!

I'm really please with the way this one turned out as well. It will be posted on Tuesday.

I've added the velcro to my bag and the clip tag thingy for the keys so it is all done.

Butterick 4560 - Nappy Bag - Adjustments

No padding in the lidded outside pocket or change to a elastic pocket
Shorten strap by at least 30 cms
Trim seam after joining outside and lining for less bulk
Attach velcro to inside/lining flap before joining togehter - can't be seen from the outside


Bee said…
Looks great sweetie! Is this for J, D & A?? Hope you're enjoying your weekend. I'm heading up the coast to see Leisey tomorrow- will give her a big hug from you! Mwah! xoxo
Anonymous said…
Thanks Aunty Manda - You're the best! Can't wait to use my new Nappy Bag.

Lots of Love

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