27 Weeks

Back at work this week after a lovely week of holidays...that seriously needs to be 2!!

Have been having a bit of trouble sleeping lately....I discovered on Saturday night that I can make my legs and feet very sore from rolling over on to my back while sleeping...Russell and my womb must now be heavy enough to cut off the circulation! It took a few nights but I think I now have it sorted....a small pillow under my back gives me the little bit of elevation I need, I didn't realise it was such a small amount of elevation was needed, only 10 degrees. DH is still using the air-con at night to help him sleep but I think that also is intruppting my sleep as I get too cold...almost time to get out a quilt I think!

I've spent a lot of time over the weekend looking for fabric to make the new things I need for the Nursery in the right colours...all that fabric was making my head spin and i didn't get any closer to finding something we liked...Yes I know after the nappy bag fabric argument I should not have asked DH for his opinion!!

While going through my sewing stuff I came across a Cross Stitch magazine and have decided to make this one to hang on the wall. Not too baby-ish but still cute.

We are exactly 3 months from the due date today...yeah!!!

Weight: 72.5kg


Emma said…
Good luck getting that done in 3 months!!!
Cascade Lily said…
LOL at Emma's comment. Wow 27 weeks!! Not long to go now AJ - let the games begin :)
Kylie said…
Ahh the fun part of growing fat on the little one.

The cross-stitch will look great - I did the Two by Two which now hangs in Badens room (I actually think that it my first or second post on my blog)

Looking forward to seeing what fabircs you decide on!
Helen said…
3 months to go??? This PG is passing FAST! I used to find a bolster underneath my top knee when lying on my side was the only comfy way to sleep, or a few pillows/cushions. Cute cross stitch too. Love the name Noah is Russell is a boy!

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