28 Weeks

Just got back from an OB's appointment! My glucose test came back fine but my iron levels are a little low so I'll be getting some iron supplements tomorrow...I feel a bit tired but have had a very very busy stressful week at work. Bubs head was down with the feet kicking me in the ribs!! But I already knew that...I have been feeling them for the past few hours. I've had a few bouts of reflux this week too..nothing bad, just annoying. Russell is sticking way out front and sitting up very high!

This week I have also booked the Baby Capsule Hire from the Ambulance...due to be fitted exactly 3 weeks before the due date on the 1st of July.

I also booked into a breast feeding class/information session, run by the ABA.

We have had some very generous friends and family this week...2 parcels for bubs in the mail and one for me and the cross stitch I ordered last week! I've started the cross stitch...Hubby has worked out that it will take me about a stitch a second...which is 1 mm of thread...the packet tells us that there is 394metres of thread (in 138 colours yikes!) so by his calculations I will need at least 2 hours of stitching time 4 times a week!! That's without the needle threading and cutting, sorting and time to frame it...and not to mention if Bubs decides to come early!!! Looks like I have my work cut out for me...as usual!! I'm up for the challenge though!

Here is what Russell got in the post this week!

From Xena a MASSIVE post bag filled with some second hand baby clothes...mostly boys from her little boy Jayden...a few wraps, a nursing singlet, a cloth nappy, Huggies change mats, and heaps of sample lotions and baby washes. You can't see all of the clothes here cause I piled them up and put my favourites on top! Thanks Xena I'm sure we will get lots of use out of them!
She also sent this beautiful card...just perfect to go with our 'Sea' Theme!

From Aunty Bee, Russell got a super cute Oshkosh Hat and Booties...She was almost tempted to get the pink ones! I love hats and booties on little babies and have quite a collection now!

And Aunty Cee sent me some tops and pants to cater for my ever expanding belly!! Thank you!!

Taken this morning 28 weeks + 1 day...school photo day...and I had to sit in the front!!

Weight: 73kgs


Cee said…
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Helen said…
Low on iron? A stout for you young lady!
Kylie said…
AJ - I had low iron with my first pregnancy and kept it at bay with my second.

There is a liquid supplement out (available from the health food store) It is very good and your body will absorb it alot better than the tablets.

My cousine (who is a dietician) told me to drink Milo - did not mid that at all)

Good luck - I was able to get mine to a good level with these two things and did not need the dreaded jab in the bumb - not that the jab bothered me but it leaves a stain under you skin!
Bee said…
awwww . . I wanna see the belly too . .that's not fair!!! Cee, you'll have to give her a big kiss from me xoxox

MWAH xoxo

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