26 Weeks

The serious countdown has begun!! Less than 100 days to go...we are now into double figures...yeah!!

I love holidays....gives you time to do all the things you'd rather be doing than work...so I have taken full advantage of it!

After a thoroughly relaxing long weekend full of sewing and tidying and eating and general nothingness...we had made some plans for the rest of this week. First was a hair cut, some banking (after doing a scary post-baby budget!!), a few new shirts for DH, rebates at Medicare and then some baby shopping!!

All of which got done as well as a Glucose test for Gestational Diabetes and I think they took some blood to test for anaemia too.

I think we have finally got almost all of the baby requirements...after extensive research and pouring through baby magazines and the Internet I made a few lists and got the bulk of it today...about $650 worth!!

So here is what we have so far....not all of it bought today of course

High Chair - Ikea (gift from Bee)
Breast Pads x 12 washable
Bibs x 11
Burp Cloths x 3
Breast Pump - Avent
Steriliser - Avent Mircowave
Bottles - 3 for now
Bottle Teats - 0 and 1 month ones
Nipple Shields
Lamp for Nursery
Rocking Chair (gift from Mum)
Sheets - 4 cotton 2 flannel
Wraps - 6 muslin 2 stretch cotton 1 heavier cotton
Blankets - 2 celluar
Nappy Bucket - 2
Change Table (secondhand)
Change Table Mat
Baby Rocker
Mobile - for change table
Towels - 2
Nail Clippers
Washers - 8
Powders and Creams
Nappy Bag
Change Mat for Nappy Bag
Ergo Carrier
Car Seat (Gift from FIL)

Not including of course Nappies, Clothes and Toys...of which I will have to get more...at the moment these are at the bare minimum.

Also to come...

Cot - being made by BIL
Pram - Gift (to be shopped for) from Dad
Nursing Pillow - didn't have the one I wanted in the shop
Change table covers - going to make
Cot mattress - buying after cot arrives to check size
Waterproof Mattress Cover - buying with mattress
Clock/Music player - Gift from Cee - I think...will have to check
Baby Monitor
The last two are maybe's...to be pruchased after bub arrives if we think we need them

Photos from today....

'Before' photos of the Nursery

The start of a 'theme' - The Sea...colours of purple, aqua, green, blue with a tinge of orange.....leaning towards a mermaid/seahorse/starfish if Russell is a girl and the boat/crab/fish angle is Russell is a boy
DH choose these today...now I can get serious about a quilt for the cot...anyone seen fabric in these colours/theme/animals???

DH walks into the room and comments 'You look as happy as a pig in shit!'
YEP!!! It was like Christmas...only better!!

Belly Photos...still feeling really good...getting heaps and heaps of kicks everyday and feeling them more at night too when waking for a drink/toilet...takes a little while to get back to sleep.
Notice the new hair..a little shorter and a few shades lighter...

Weight: 71.5kg (+6kgs)


Anonymous said…
This is soooooo exciting! You look fantastic! Yay for all the baby gear shopping.

Take Care
Bee said…
You look HOT sissy! Love your hair - it really suits you!! Miss you lots, Love Be xoxox
The Humming Cat said…
OMG AJ, you are positively glowing!!!
Emma said…
Adds is right, you're glowing! And your DH's descripton looks spot-on, too ;) Love the colour selections.
Anonymous said…
Oh AJ, you look fantastic. Look how high you still are! Great sign... Love all your pressies and you deserve to be "happy as a pig in mud"..... Lap it up!
Cee said…
Hey Mandy

Yup clock/music player is safely here in Sydney with me and will make it's way to you in June. Was thinking I might also get you baby monitor if you really want it!

Photos look great. Hair really suits you and yes looking very happy!!

Both Jase and I are counting the days!!!

Love you!

Cass said…
AJ you could hire a bassinet, that way you wouldn't have to fork out the money for something that might only be used for a little while depending on the size of the baby. You can also hire capsules for the car if you want one of those
Kylie said…
YOu look great and certainly like a 'pig in mud' LOL. Good luck with the quilt and and love all of the goodies - that is the funnest part of being pregnant is going shopping (cause you really do NEED all of it)
Anonymous said…
Love the hair! And what's this talk about the "baby's room"... It was my room first... LOL!


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